Termite Inspections

Your TexInspec Inspector is also licensed to perform Texas Wood Destroying Insect Inspections, also known as a Termite Inspection. This inspection looks for signs of active infestations, previous infestations, and even signs of a previous treatment. 

GOOD NEWS! Every Termite Inspection is backed by our FREE 90 Day Termite and Carpenter Ant Warranty. Even if we find termites or carpenter ants at the time of the inspection, you can have the infestation treated for a small deductible, so you won’t have any problems with your lender. If you do not know it already, termites can cause greater damage in terms that houses are majorly made of wood and when wood destroying insects attack the house, they can cause greater damage which will be a burden on the pocket of the homeowner hence getting a termite inspection done is an absolute preference.

If someone still asks that why getting a regular inspection is important in terms of termites and other wood destroying insects so we will always recommend that because termites work silently which means that if there are termites present inside the wooden structure of your house, you might not notice the signs until they have done considerable damage. On average, it takes years for people to naturally find out that there are some wood destroying insects present inside their house and it is too late then.


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