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Buy with confidence knowing that
your TexInspec Home Inspection comes
with a Free 90 Day Home Warranty
with a Zero Dollar Deductible.
Buying a house can be stressful, but with our Buyers's Protection Guarantee If you don't buy the house we inspected, your next home inspection is $100 OFF!
In Addition to Education Required by the State, every TexInspec Inspector Receives Months of Training Upfront and Additional Training Every 2 Weeks!
These defects are mostly invisible and you would never know. No SWEAT! We will check major appliances for Recalls so you can have it fixed. FREE!
We print your report onsite with color photos.
We also email youand your realtor
the report from onsite!!!

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With a TexInspec inspection in hand, you will have the confidence to know exactly what you are committing to buying in your new home.

We backup every inspection 200% 

If you’re not satisfied at the end of the inspection not only will we refund the inspection fee, we will also pay for another licensed inspector. 

We are devoted to your satisfaction.. 200%

TexInspec is dedicated to providing you “peace of mind” by helping you to understand the condition of your home.

You need someone that is not only knowledgeable about homes but also makes sure you are properly informed to help you to be able to make the best decision possible.

We understand the stress that is involved in Buying, Selling, and Moving…

That’s why when your TexInspec Inspection comes complete, with all of the following…

A Free 90-Day Termite and Carpenter Ant Warranty is included with your Termite Inspection
An Instant Computerized Report Printed Onsite which includes a Summary Page of Repairs and a Color Photo Journal of the Home
PLUS a Copy is Emailed to Your Agent Immediately from the Inspection
“Coping With the Joys Of Home Ownership” Written For Local Homebuyers to help you understand your new home

You need someone that is not only knowledgeable about homes but also makes sure you are properly informed to help you to be able to make the best decision possible.

“TexInspec… took the time to explain each and everything examined, and stopped frequently to ask if I had any questions. The report was both written well and explained to me well.” – Steven Fleming

You need someone that will be there for you in a timely manner, and wouldn’t it be great to have a full report when the inspection was complete?

“You responded immediately the following day to an issue that we had. You went the extra mile for us and I appreciate it.” – Aaron Carlson

“TexInspec… answered all of my questions plus provided me information I wasn’t even aware that I needed to know.” – Stephanie

TexInspec‘s Industry Leading Inspection gives you many Guarantees that other inspection companies wouldn’t even think of. Most inspectors when you ask if their inspection is guaranteed will let you know that their inspection is only good while they are there. With TexInspec, you have our 200% Guarantee and you have 3 Months Free Of The Lifetime Termite And Carpenter Ant Warranty with our Termite Inspection. AlsoTexInspec inspectors not only meet the State’s stringent educational guidelines, they also receive additional training each and every month to help keep them up to date with the ongoing changes in real estate building standards and how to make sure the information is communicated to you.

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