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State of the Art Sewer Camera Inspections Fort Worth

Sewer lines are the transport system of a home’s water and waste, for them to function optimally is very important. Older homes constructed before the 1970’s used cast iron pipes. Pipe materials like PVC, ABS and copper have long replaced these outdated materials. The life expectancy of cast iron pipes used in older times was 40 to 50 years. Most cast iron pipes need replacement after this time due to corrosion, leakage, or other damage. If you are buying or living in a home that was constructed before this time, you should get your sewer lines inspected. 

Sewer pipes need regular inspections to prevent damage and failure. Leaking or damaged pipes can create havoc with the foundation or aesthetics of a house and need immediate attention. TexInspec Offers sewer scope inspection services in Fortworth, Dallas, and surrounding areas. Our Trained Sewer experts have extensive onfield training and use state-of-the-art gadgets and cameras to inspect your home’s sewer lines and give you an accurate assessment of their condition.

Why Choose TexInspec For Your Sewer Inspections?

Our sewer inspections use high-tech cameras dropped in your sewer lines to assess any damage or blockages. These high-resolution cameras can detect the minutest of faults like hairline cracks or root infiltrations. Our sewer inspections at TexInspec are advanced and reliable; that is why we have become the go-to company for thousands in Fort Worth and Dallas. Our sewer inspectors provide you with unmatched insight into your sewer system. Our sewer camera inspection will:

  • Inspect your sewer system
  • Diagnose pipe rehabilitation
  • Suggest pipe restoration if the damage is reversible
  • Recommend pipe replacement in case of irreparable damage

Our sewer scope inspectors will suggest all possible alternatives for your sewer issues. Schedule an appointment to save yourself from any unwanted surprises that may cost you an arm and a leg. Our dedicated Sewerage inspection team is here to help you seven days a week!

What Can Damage Your Sewer Lines

All sewer lines suffer wear and tear because of high usage and damage over time. Significant factors causing damage are:

  • Clogging
  • Greasy food or hair going down the drain can accumulate and cause clogs or backups.
  • Tree roots causing underground damage to pipes
  • Due to seismic activity or nearby construction, a shift in the soil can damage pipes.
  • Poor quality pipes 
  • Poorly fitted valves and joints causing leaks.
Red Flags Suggesting A sewer Scope Inspection.

If you come across one or some of these signs in your house, you should immediately contact us to inspect your sewer system. Late diagnosis can result in costly damages, so the earlier you address them, the better;

– Backing up water in drain pipes or sinkholes

– Insects creeping out of drainpipes signaling cracks

– Sensing s nasty foul odor when you enter your home

– Leaking pipes

– Water stains on walls, cupboards, or floors around the house

– Foul sewer odor coming from your house

TexInspec Your Answer To all Sewage Problems

TexInspec Offers premium sewer inspections carried out by our team of thorough and certified sewer inspectors. Our company has addressed and solved sewer issues in Texas for the past three decades. If you suspect sewer line  issues in your house, call today and schedule an appointment. We will be more than happy to help you find a solution for your sewerage problems.


TexInspec is dedicated to providing you “peace of mind” by helping you to understand the condition of your new property 7 days/week.

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