Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that can accumulate in homes. It has a tendency to get entrapped inside a surface hence the fact that when it enters the house, it gets accumulated and stays there. The concentration is increased which in the longer run becomes the cause of lung cancer. The same tendency helps it to get entrapped inside our lungs and affect them badly. Radon is the 2nd leading causes of lung cancer in the United States. TexInspec uses the most sophisticated equipment in the industry to make sure your home is safe. 

They also have a number of options for you to decide that what test do you want, how are you comfortable with the whole procedure and keep you updated about the complete process and makes sure that all done in order to make sure that your house is safe from radon and if not, then they help you with the mitigation process which will help you in getting rid of excess amount of radon. It is totally up to you which option you want to go for, we will make sure to help you in getting to know the procedure better and explain each step to make you more familiar with the situation and the present condition of the house. To get rid of higher levels of radon, radon mitigation systems are introduced from our side which makes it better by eradicating the excess amount of radon out of the house. 

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