Pre Listing Inspections

Home inspection services are not just for the benefit of the buyer but to also help people who are willing to sell their houses but to make their sale listing attractive, they want to get a home inspection done in order to ensure that the property they are selling is safe and free from any structural damage. Getting a home inspection done from TexInspec will definitely help you to sell your home faster and with less negotiations on a very good price and the shining point here is that we provide a number of warranties to ensure that the buyers are certain about their choice and know that if something goes wrong then they have all the backups which makes them confident about their purchase. With this ever changing real estate market, 9 out of 10 home buyers prefer that the house they are going to buy should be inspected thoroughly and have no issues that will bother them in the near future. We, at TexInspec offer two kinds of pre listing home inspections:

  • Full Pre-market inspection.
  • Limited pre listing inspection.

While the full inspection involves a complete detailed inspection of the place that is going to be on the listings soon, the limited one includes the most common items to be negotiated for repairs and the documentation of the house. Reports are also provided in digital forms as soon as possible in order to make sure that all the parties have easy access to them and the fact that this house is inspected and the inspection is backed by some warranty makes it even more reliable. 

Although these inspections are enough but some people might have some doubts or even the home inspector can suggest this but two of the most common services that are added to these are radon inspection and the inspection regarding the presence of wood destroying insects (termites) in the house. This is done to ensure that no hidden problem is present that will cause inconvenience in future. Getting a pre-listing inspection done for your house will always make it stand out on the market which is something everyone, who is trying to sell their house with less negotiations, should do.


TexInspec is dedicated to providing you “peace of mind” by helping you to understand the condition of your new property 7 days/week.

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