New Construction Phase Inspections

It is a common misconception that newly built houses are perfectly fine to proceed with and if someone buys a new built house for themselves, they won’t be facing any issues for a very long period but this is not the case. There are many errors that can be embedded in the house during the building process and once the finishes are done, if some repairs are to be made, it can become very costly. Following are some steps that are followed by TexInspec in order to make sure that that new house is safe for you to move in.

  • Pre-back fill foundation inspection.
  • Pre-drywall inspection 
  • Final walk through 
  • Warranty Check

First point is covered when the foundation has been laid and walls have been poured but not backfilled and this is the time our home inspectors come and visit your site in order to make sure that nothing is going wrong. 

Second point covers the inspection of the framing, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems and all others that can be checked before that drywall is installed. 

Third point includes a final look at the construction site at how it ended up and if it matched the initial plan or not and finally that the structure is safe and free from all problems. 

Fourth point the last but not the least as this includes the final check up of the house as committed in the warranty and then its checked if the house is doing perfectly fine for you or not and not drawing any unwanted expenses out of your pocket. 

Once all of this is done, our word is delivered from our side to give you the best services possible and we would love to hear a positive review from your side.


TexInspec is dedicated to providing you “peace of mind” by helping you to understand the condition of your new property 7 days/week.

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