Commercial Property Inspections

A commercial property inspection is widely different from a residential/home inspection because of the difference of the area plus the infrastructure. Also city codes are meant to be followed and documents are required to be checked while inspecting a commercial property so before buying or leasing one, it is highly important to get a commercial property inspection done in order to be sure that the investment you are going to make is safe or not. 

Along with that, if you already have such structure present, then getting regular property inspection is highly important in order to make sure that the people present there are safe and all the local building code as suggested by the city institutions are being followed.

What is included in a commercial property inspection?

The major part of a commercial building inspection is to ensure that the condition of the building and the systems in it are working properly. This is also called PCA or Property Condition Assessment which makes sure through a survey that the owner or the potential buyer is provided with the important information regarding the current condition of the property. On the other hand, all the basic inspections that are included in a common residential inspection are also included in this one along with getting help from a structural engineer, getting proper evaluation done of the elevator systems, roofing and its maintenance cost along with lead paint testing and asbestos testing. 

Any other testing can also be added if the inspector is doubtful about the presence of a certain issue in the property after the preliminary inspection. We perform all kinds of commercial property inspections so it does not matter what kind of the property will be dealt with, it can be divided into offices, retail, industrial, leisure and health care. Retail includes retail stores, shopping centers and shops. Industrial includes warehouses and factories. Leisure includes pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes and sports facilities. Health Care includes medical centers, hospitals and nursing homes etc and many other properties where business is being conducted and it consists of more than five units.


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