Pool Inspections: Common Findings & Recommended Solutions

Pool Inspection

Pools are supposed to relax you, not the other way around…

But with the issues they usually undertake, relaxing somewhat becomes out of the league.

It is then just you, those issues, and you trying to fix them all ASAP.

Well, if you are in a similar situation then pool inspections can be a valuable tool for you.

These inspections won’t only give you a break but will also help in mitigating future issues.

What’s better than this? At least you will have a relaxing summer.

In this blog, we will highlight the common findings during pool inspections. We are sure most of these have already been a headache for you. But don’t worry; we will also recommend some solutions for each issue, making it easier for you to handle those.

So, let’s start.

Water Quality Concerns

One of the most common concerns that inspectors usually find is water quality concerns. Well, if you or your loved ones are not feeling okay, then maybe the pool water quality is to blame.

To confirm this, inspectors assess the composition and clarity of the water. And once they confirm the issue, it is better to address these concerns immediately.

Furthermore, one primary water quality issue is an imbalance in chemical levels. pH and chlorine, in particular. The consequences for these then just go beyond health issues. You might also feel discomfort when swimming, your skin might feel irritated, or your pool equipment might be corroded.

Whatever the case is, you do not want it. So, how to handle the water quality concerns? Below are some recommended solutions in this regard.

Regular Testing and Monitoring

The best way to handle a problem is to stay ahead of it.

The same can be done for such concerns.

You can implement a routine testing schedule for water quality parameters. This way, you can regularly monitor pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and other chemical levels. If you find out they are not within recommended ranges, you can hire a professional to sort that out for you.  

Professional Water Testing Services

Secondly, you can leave all the stress on professional testing experts. You can hire them to have an in-depth analysis of your pool water.

These professionals won’t only analyze your pool water… but they will also give you tailored recommendations. And these recommendations will be exclusive for you, based on your pool’s specific needs.

Invest in Quality Filtration Systems

This solution might hurt your pockets a little bit, but a little hurt is better than bigger problems coming your way. So, you should invest in high-quality filtration systems to maintain your pool’s water clarity and purity.

But make sure that you regularly clean and replace filters as the manufacturer recommends. This will ensure the filtration system’s optimal performance.

Leaking or Damaged Pool Structures

This can be another nightmare for you.

But, once you have hired pool inspection services, you can worry less. This is because checking the integrity of the pool structure is the main point of pool inspections. So, there is no way an inspector is missing that.

Inspectors will look for the signs of leaks or damages. And it is important to handle these as soon as possible, as, if unaddressed, they will not only jeopardize the water-holding capability of the pool but will also lead to the most extensive and costly problems over time.

Following are some of the recommended solutions to help you handle these issues.

Professional Leak Detection Services

Hiring professionals “literally” solves half of your problems.

These experts will use advanced technologies, such as sonar and pressure testing. These technologies will help them accurately pinpoint the location of the leaks.

Regular Visual Inspections

Besides hiring professionals, you can also conduct regular visual inspections of the pool. When performing a visual inspection, look for signs of settling, cracking, or bulging.

During this process, if you find any red flags, then immediately address those. This is one of the ways to prevent any further hassle in the name of deterioration.

Maintain Proper Water Levels

Prevention is better than cure, and keeping the pool water at the recommended level is one of the ways to ensure that. Maintaining proper water levels will help you prevent damage.

Note that your pool shell can be exposed to air due to low water levels. This will eventually lead to cracks and structural issues.

Outdated Electrical Systems

You might be unaware, but electrical systems can be a major reason for your pool problems.

Don’t worry; a pool inspection can rescue you in this regard. During the inspection, inspectors look out for outdated electrical systems. They keenly check electrical components around the pool area. These components may include:

  •         Wiring
  •         Lighting fixtures
  •         Control panels

If these already surround your pool, know that you are more at risk. And, it is better to be more cautious… than to regret later.

Over time, exposure to water and the elements can accelerate wear and tear, increasing the risk of electrical malfunctions.

To be cautious, you can follow the recommended solutions below.

Professional Electrical Inspection

Again, professionalism is the key to solving every issue… well, “almost” every issue. So, electrical issues can also not be left behind here.

You may ask a qualified electrician to comprehensively inspect the pool’s electrical systems. They can identify outdated components, assess wiring conditions, and ensure all electrical elements comply with current safety standards.

Upgrade to GFCI Outlets

It is better to upgrade to modernized systems to save yourself and your loved ones. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are one of these systems and vital safety features.

They can automatically shut off power in the event of an electrical fault. So, it will require you to be less alert (doesn’t mean you should leave it on GFCIs and rest easy).

Just upgrading to GFCI outlets around the pool and in proximity to water sources minimizes the risk of electric shock.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Besides professionals, maintenance is also an ideal way to save yourself from potential issues.

For this, you can implement a routine maintenance schedule for electrical components. This includes inspecting wiring, checking for loose connections, and ensuring that lighting fixtures are securely in place.

This is also one of the ways to identify the issues and correct them, leading to preventing safety hazards.


In conclusion, there are many issues that pool inspections might identify. But, the three highlighted above pose serious health and safety risks.

To save yourself from their consequences, you may follow the recommended solutions. And know that hiring a qualified expert for these (and other) issues is the best way to mitigate the issues.

If you want any more information regarding pool inspections, or what are the pool problems that can put you more at risk. Then, contact TexInspec now. We are the experts who can professionally lead you towards your safety and integrity.

Check in with us today and move forward before the issues put your health and safety at stake.