How to find a certified home inspector in Fort Worth?

How to find a certified home inspector in Fort Worth?

A home inspection is an important part of any real estate transaction. Having your home inspection performed by a skilled home inspector is very crucial. A lot of states in the US do not require inspectors to have licenses to carry out home inspections. This makes choosing a credible inspector for the job very tricky. A lot of people have entered into the home inspection business just to make money, so be careful when you choose a home inspector for your house.

How can one find the best inspector out there? It’s important to first know what we mean by best.

Qualities Of A Great Home Inspector

  1. A home inspector is required by the state to undergo home inspection training programs where they are required to take written tests and undergo extensive training. Training programs give the necessary background training that an inspector needs. Even if the state does not require a license, training is detrimental to producing a great inspector. Finding a qualified home inspector in your area will ensure your home is in safe hands.
  2. A good home inspector will pass his state’s licensing requirements. License adds credibility to a home inspector’s portfolio. Let’s take Texas as an example, to become an inspector in the state of Texas you have to:
    • Complete state education requirements.
    •  Submit an online application to TREC. (Texas Real Estate Commission)
    • Take exams and prepare for classes.
    •  Get your fingerprints taken and pass a background check.
    • Pass the Texas State Exam within one year of filing your application.
    • Complete annual ongoing Continued Education (CE)

Make sure the inspector you choose holds a state license to practice.

  1. Certified home inspectors initially join established home inspection companies. This gives them the chance to grow and get work-related tips from their co-workers. With years of experience under their belt and good know-how of the industry, home inspectors can go into the home inspection business themself. The best home inspectors are constantly growing and evolving and affiliated with credible home inspection companies.
  2. A license or one-time training does not mean an inspector has the required knowledge for day-to-day inspections. With the ever-evolving technology and newer and better materials being used in the home construction industry, it is important for a home inspector to take ongoing training related to the home inspection field. A great inspector will have more than just a training certificate and license to show. 
  3. Experience is the teacher of all things, this adage holds true when it comes to home inspectors. No one can deny that on-field training is the most invaluable asset an inspector can carry in his bag of accomplishments. Years of experience means an inspector has come across every inspection scenario there may be, this makes an inspector confident and well prepared for even the most complicated home inspection jobs. Go for an experienced inspector when it comes to inspecting your home, there is nothing more compared to the peace of mind you get knowing your house is in the hands of a professional.

Where To Find A Certified Home Inspector?

Now that you are familiar with what a good home inspector should have, comes the next big question, where to look for one? A good home inspector will save you valuable time and money so finding the best home inspector is crucial to a home inspection that leaves you with peace of mind and accurate results. Let’s assume you are searching for an inspector in Fort Worth, TX, you will google search for a certified home inspector in the Fortworth area. Innumerable options will turn up which can be very overwhelming. Unfortunately, not all home inspectors are the same so choosing the best requires patience and some research.

With the knowledge of the basics of a good home inspector, here is what you need to look for to find the one best suited for your job:

  • Ask around if any of your family or friends have recently purchased a home and had a home inspection done. Ask them about their experience with the home inspector and the company. Ask about the inspection process and how it went. Ask about the reports, if they were thorough, timely, and accurate?  Did they provide a detailed description of the problems? Did they offer solutions? Follow up on these recommendations and search for the Inspection company online. Check their reviews and testimonials page and see if the feedback matches the information you have?
  • Finding out if the home inspector is licensed and insured is important. Check if their license complies with that of the state. Choose a home inspector that has credentials from one of the major professional associations within your state. 
  • Ask for a sample report from the inspection company. If they are hesitant in providing one, be wary and choose a company that does. A sample report is a crucial part of an inspection. It discloses all that was assessed and parts of the home that need repair or replacement.  A sample report should provide pictures, videos where necessary and every detail documented for the convenience of the homeowner. If a sample report provided is not clear or difficult to understand, it reflects on the company and its inspection process.
  • Ask the inspection company if you can attend the home inspection. Although it is not necessary, attending an inspection helps you understand the layout and problems of your home better. It may also make it easier to understand the inspector’s report that is delivered at the end of an inspection process. Walking through an inspection allows homeowners to educate themselves about the home and its systems. Most home inspection companies like TexInspec encourage walk-through inspections and answer their client’s questions even after the inspection process has been completed. Their services span across Fortworth, Dallas, and surrounding areas. The consistency and quality with which they have served the local community have earned them accolades in the home industry. 
  • Ask the inspection company about the inspection process and what a standard home inspection includes. Home inspections are categorized into standard and advanced inspections. Standard inspections include the structural and functional components of a house. These include the foundation, walls, roof, windows, HVAC, electrical systems, plumbing systems, and so on. Advanced Inspections come at an extra cost and include radon inspection, air quality testing, mold testing, termite testing, etc. Advanced testing is usually suggested by an inspector when he suspects problems during a regular inspection that need in-depth analysis. Advanced inspections may also require high-quality equipment. Regardless of the home’s size, a standard inspection should cover everything. Compare different inspection companies to see which one offers the best value for your money.
  • The price you are paying for an inspection is important. Good home inspectors do come a little expensive. Comparing inspection companies to see what each offers within a matching price can assist you in the process. Higher-priced inspectors may be offering 90-day warranties or satisfaction guarantees with their services. Don’t be fooled by a lower price quote. Some companies charge additional fees by quoting an initially lower price quote for services that may be added free in others with a higher quote. In the end, it comes down to research and due diligence that is required to choose a certified home inspector in Fort Worth Tx.

The research done for this article will help you make a better choice for a home inspector whether you are buying or selling your house or just wanting a yearly inspection for your existing home. If you are doing a real estate transaction in the Fortworth area, see a sample report from Texinspec to enlighten yourself about an inspection process. These reports are delivered within 48 hours and contain in-depth visual and documented analysis of a home. Again, don’t let the details overwhelm you, reach out to a Texinspec professional if you have any confusion and they will be more than happy to help you. Oh and don’t forget to avail their complementary coupons when booking an inspection!