Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a home is skipping the home inspection. Many buyers think that as long as the home looks good on the surface, they don’t need to waste money on an inspection. However, a home inspection in Fort Worth can reveal hidden problems that may not be […]
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Why Would A Seller Not Want A Home Inspection?

Beware Of A Seller Avoiding A Home Inspection A home inspection is a type of building inspection performed on a property to determine the property’s structural, mechanical, and electrical components. Home inspectors typically have licensed professionals to inspect homes for structural and electrical problems. They are usually hired by homeowners or real estate agents to […]
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How Much Does A Commercial Property Inspection Cost

How Much Does A Commercial Property Inspection Cost? Commercial property prices can be higher than residential properties, so getting a property inspection is essential. In addition, a commercial Property inspection cost will ensure you don’t end up buying a money pit. A commercial property inspector’s cost will differ from a home inspector’s cost. The rule […]
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Is Home Inspection Fort Worth Profitable

Is Home Inspection Fort Worth Profitable? Are you thinking of starting your own home inspection company in Texas? Home inspection fort worth services have become a standard for thousands of homes being bought each year. In Texas, the Associated General Contractors of America reports that construction contributed $100.9 billion, 5.3% of the state’s total GDP. […]
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What is a Termite Inspection

Your Home Needs To Be Inspected Before It’s Infested! The structural integrity of a house can be severely affected due to termite infestation. Termites are known to cause more property damage than house fires, raising the estimated cost to a whopping $5 billion. Ever thought about it, what if there are termites crawling under your […]
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